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Hijama As Ruqyah

Treat Black Magic, Extract Jinn, Stop Evil Eye

  • 1 h 30 min
  • West 36th Street

Service Description

With the permission of Allah, get relief and healing from different types of metaphysical issues that are affecting your life. We will provide you with a hijama treatment alongside a ruqyah-shariah session strictly based on the Quran and following the Sunnah. Service: 1. Metaphysical (Ruqyah) Hijama Cupping Therapy Includes: 1. Myofascial Massage – Intensive Deep Tissue Moving and Fixed Cupping 2. Vacuum Therapy Massage – Deeper Myofascial Release Cupping 3. Hijama Wet Cupping – Toxic Subcutaneous Blood Detoxification and Cleansing 4. Red Light Treatment – Tissue Repair, Pain Relief, Lymphatic Detox, and Cleansing Treatment Areas: 1. Face, Head and Neck 2. Shoulders and Hands 3. Chest and Belly 4. Mid and Lower Back 5. Tibia and Feet Uses: 1. Alleviate and break Metaphysical issues like Jinn, Evil Eye, Sihr/Black Magic, etc., with the permission of Allah. Benefits: 1. Relief (Pain, Tightness, Stiffness, and Inflammation) 2. Improved Sleep, Patience, Concentration, Focus, Memory, and Intellect 3. Ability to resume prayers, Quran recitation, and Dhikr by permission of Allah 4. Reduced Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Anger, Seizures, and Improved Mental Health 5. Improved Oxygenation and Circulation of Body Fluids 6. Improved Gut Health, Digestion, and Metabolism 7. Lymphatic Drainage and Improved Immune System Cost – $300* Duration – 120min No. of Points – Up to 29 Cups The deposit is non-refundable. *All charges are subject to additional sales tax and non-cash adjustment.

Cancellation Policy

AL-RAHMA HIJAMA CENTER reserves the right to charge a fee for any scheduled visits that are: 1. Cancelled 2. Are missed without calling to reschedule (no show) 3. Constantly rescheduled (more than three {03} times) Cancellation Fee: $50

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