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Wild Forest Honey

Wild Forest Honey

SKU: 7625892329324

Pure, raw honey sourced from the forest. Our Raw Wild Forest honey is straight from the honeycomb and is cold filtered which gives it a much thicker consistency.


    Our Wild Forest Honey is sourced from the beautiful quiet forests in Romania. Cold filtered honey ensures all the natural elements are preserved and not stripped away like that of heat-pressed or filtered products.


    Retains More Nutrients - Preserving the natural elements of a product is a core component in ensuring all nutrients are not compromised during the bottling process.

    Natural Sweetener - Does not contain high or artificial sugars. The tangy taste of Raw Wild Forest honey does not leave an overly sweet taste on the tongue.

    Combats Fatigue - Unlike caffeine and overly processed sugars that makes us crash after a few hours, all natural balanced sugar found in honey gives more sustainable energy without the horrible after crash.

    Rids Dandruff - Raw honey has anti-fungal properties that help restore the scalps natural oils by softening and opening the pores.


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