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  • Get one-on-one dedicated time to discuss your issues

    100 US dollars
  • Acne And Facial Issues In General. Feel Rejuvenated!

    100 US dollars
  • Treat Yourself To The Original Ancient Way of Cupping

    100 US dollars
  • Prophet Muhammad's ﷺ Sunnah Points For Routine

    100 US dollars
  • Recommended For Averagely Targeting Specific Areas

    120 US dollars
  • Recommended Every Month For Overall Areas

    150 US dollars
  • Special For Truck, Bus, Uber, Taxi, And Train Drivers

    180 US dollars
  • For Entire Body, Full Deep Tissue Detox And Reset

    200 US dollars
  • Athletes And Professionals With Intense Jobs

  • Hormonal Balancing And More For Her

  • Embrace Your Masculinity And Virility

  • Substance Abuse Disorder, Mental Cleanse, etc.

  • Improve Your Fertility Chances Naturally

  • Treat Black Magic, Extract Jinn, Stop Evil Eye

  • Spiritual And Emotional Following The Quran & Sunnah

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